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Project Description


Austrias #1 female Deejay Dominique Jardin was born in Vienna and has her first taste of music from her mother’s daily servings of 80’s disco and rock music. Coming back to Europe from her stay in New York City Dominique focused on singing and dancing, but she felt like something is missing and returned to the turntables.

Since 2010 Dominique concentrates on the worldwide beloved Electronic Dance Music. One of the main ingredients to her rapid rise to the top of Europe is her energy and enthusiasm. Dominique’s ability to adapt to any environment she is put in is amazing. Her positive energy goes directly to the dance floor and into people’s minds.

Today Dominique focuses more than ever on producing her own music and being on her tour in 2017/2018 all over the world. The Austrian Dance Award winner is an official testimonial for Mercedes-Benz Austria.

DEEJAY for life!
Just dance & stay true to yourself!